Grow up!

Do you? Time to grow up? The Buddhist monastic rules that advice renouncing liquor, renouncing sex, and so on are not pointing out that those tings are inherently bad or immoral, but that we use them ... Read More


This is disruptive thinking. A man partly responsible for the killing of 40000 elephants because he thougt; as many other cientist that desertification was caused by overgrazing. Now his research has... Read More

The method?

During numerous lifetimes various cultures and people has evoked divine masters. Not always understood by the people, these masters practice and teachings where made to rites, ceremonies and religions... Read More

The seeker

It's a long way to find enlightenment, it's a long way to even find some peace for oneself. In my great plan was a path to be a yogi in Dolanji where my teacher was a monk. I went there to see if it w... Read More