Nature of mind

We can say that the Nature is like the ocean or water. Many different reflections appear in water, but whatever you see – forms, colors, everything – is all just water. In a similar way, all kinds of objects – our phenomenal existence, everything – appear spontaneously from the individual person’s Nature.

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Change of mindset

Global warming explained in 3 min 51 seconds, added in 2008. Ownership of nature is the cause to global warming. We can’t solve it by denying the change. We can’t solve it with the same mindset and tools witch created the problem. Solving the problem requires a new mindset.

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White heart

Since I was a teenager I have been asking myself why the white man conquered the whole world? From Europe he traveled round the world with arms, fire and word of God. He claimed the land as discovered, exploiting resources of and people who inhabited the land. This still goes on. The greed of the … Läs mer