Nature of mind

We can say that the Nature is like the ocean or water. Many different reflections appear in water, but whatever you see – forms, colors, everything – is all just water. In a similar way, all kinds of objects – our phenomenal existence, everything – appear spontaneously from the individual person’s Nature.

Actually, there is no general, common reality; everything appears from your own Nature. It may seem common to ourselves and others because there are many similarities between what we see and what others see, but in fact appearances don’t arise from the same source or condition at all as everyone’s nature is individual.

But what you have to understand here is that all objects and phenomenal existence are like a picture, a cinema picture, you see. You can see the people in a film, they are moving and it looks as though they are speaking, but if you actually look at the object, there is only the screen, nothing else. If you check carefully, all phenomena of existence are very much like a picture, you see. There is no background. You can see this from your own body or speech or mind; everything is only temporary, everything is always changing.

Heart Essence of the Khandro: Experiential Instructions on Bönpo Dzogchen: Thirty Signs and Meanings from Women Lineage Holders
Yongdzin Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche
Heritage Publishers
ISBN: 9788170262824

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