This day …

This day …

Winter river

I have been in a ceremony. I abstained food. Have been drinking water and four cups of coffee. Don’t call me fake. It’s my ceremony, not for you to decide.

I started up with practice (meditation) after many years. It’s nice to sit for awhile not following any thoughts.

I was out with my daughter shoveling snow, or hauling to be more precise as a have a big Sleigh Shovel. We always get a lot of snow so its easy to haul away to a snow pile. It was a good time with my daughter playing in the snow or me pulling her on a snowracer.

To be without food sharpens my mind. I am more aware of my habits and thoughts and I imagine I can hold my bad temper under under surveillance. Just letting it go, not giving it attention.

Holding my focus on those who have less than I do, those who struggle for survival, loosing what they have because those who have gready guts want everything.

My thoughts to Grandmother Earth who provides for all we need and our obligation to only take what we need. When did we got lost? How can I find the old path again?

This day to all of us who talks and walks for her, Grandmother Earth.

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