This is disruptive thinking. A man partly responsible for the killing of 40000 elephants because he thougt; as many other cientist that desertification was caused by overgrazing. Now his research has led to the opposite and the answer is litter. Large herds dung and urinate all over their own food, and they have to keep moving, and it was that movement that prevented the overgrazing of plants, while the periodic trampling ensured good cover of the soil.

Seeing this TED talk it’s all oblivious. If overgrazing is the cause to desertification all grassland would have been deserts for thousand of years ago. All grazing animals on the savannas in Africa, Mongolina grasslands and Praries in America would have been overgrazed and turned to deserts long ago.

The problem is agriculture, when men changed into farming due to overpopulation. Man migrated into areas where they could farm the land and big herds of grazing wild animals was killed or their migration was stopped by fences, roads, railroads. Population grows and man moved in to areas not so suitable for farming with the same ways and means.

How the prairies in USA was colonized is a historical series of fallacious decisions. Killing the buffalo was the first mistake. Bringing in cattle was not so bad, not even the sheep but these critters did not graze in the same manner as buffalos. Farming the land was devastating and the soil blow away in the -30s. How is it now?

I became interested in water reading about Victor Schauberger years ago. And this issue is about water. As I am from the arctic I can’t help wonder about mistakes made up in the north. The main mistake is clear-cutting leading to change in the microclimate. Without no shadow from the trees the moss and licen dries up leading to water evaporating or run of as flooding, not so much different from the savannas.

The only Holistic Management I know of is Fjällbete i Åre. You can also read more at Savory Institute.

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